Tuesday, March 3, 2009

FREE groceries and MORE from the Sharebuilder Bonus

Here's a great offer that I just signed up for through USBank. USBank is currently offering $75 in free groceries just for opening a checking account. Here's how it works, you set up an account, deposit $75 and purchase groceries at any grocery store. Bring your receipts in and they will deposit $75 into your account. This offer runs until March 13th, so check it out and see if this offer is for you. Also, they do not run a credit check to do this, which is a VERY important thing you need to check on before doing any of these offers, otherwise it just isn't worth it because constant pulls on your credit reflects negatively on your score. For locals there is a branch at Smith's on Freedom and one on University Parkway. Yeah for free groceries!

Next up is an update for the Sharebuilder bonus. If you are a Costco member you can get up to a $90 bonus for every account you open (depending on the membership you have). I was about to do another regular bonus for only $50, but because I have an Executive membership I get $90 instead! Wahoo! Here is the link exclusively for Costco members: sharebuilder.com/savetoday. Enjoy!