Friday, January 30, 2009

Buy Low

If you run down to the new Buy Low grocery store today, (Located where the old Ream's was by Movies 8 in Provo) they are having some sweet deals:

Chicken: Boneless, skinless chicken breast, .99 lb. You do need to purchase a 40 lb box. But if you're like me, you can just pressure cook it or freeze it.

Here are some other deals that went down which I still think are good until Feb 3rd:

Bananas 4#/$1.00
Fresh chicken leg quarters 10# bag/ $4.99
Roma tomatoes 3#/$1.00
Blackberries and blueberries $1.25/cup
Fuji apples .33 lb.
Red potatoes 4lbs for a $1
5 lbs green or red apples for $1.5
WF Sugar 25# $7.99
Coca Cola Products 12 pk/12 oz cans 4/$10.00
Dreyers Ice Cream 1.5QT/2 for $5.00
WF Milk 1%;2% or skim 1 gallon - 2/$4.00
Baby carrots $.50 a bag.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I wanted to talk about "Snowflaking" in terms of making and saving money today. We all know that the first little sprinkles of snowflakes are light and somewhat unnoticeable. We've also seen how they can accumulate pretty quickly into inches or feet of snow and together, they can create an avalanche. I want to talk about how saving and making money can also have this affect. Many times we may overlook or not take advantage of certain programs or savings because they do not amount to much. But I believe that every little bit counts. Here are some examples:

*Take a look at your receipts. Many times there are surveys or offers on the back or the bottom. I received two coupons for $10 off at Bath and Body works, 3 free loaves of french bread from Albertsons and 1 large hamburger from Wendys in just the past couple of months.

*Check out programs like Mr. Rebates, eBates, Cashbaq and Upromise. They give you money back when you shop. It's not a ton of money, but $5 or $10 here and there can sure make a nice meal or at least put a little in your gas tank.

*Consider doing surveys. Although you usually only make $1 or $2 a survey, most people can make about $200/year for their efforts. Check out this great site for more info: Money Saving Methods.

*Swagbucks. This is another one that I was skeptical about, but I've already made $10 this month in gift cards and I'm halfway to another one in about a week. (For more info, see post below ). Plus if you refer others using your link you get points faster( Thanks, N Smith!). Here's a CD that I just got off of using my free gift cards; it's an album done by my super cool cousin Kai Kalama who's currently on American Idol.

Lastly, choose wisely because your time is precious. Somethings may not work for out for you or may just be a hassle, if so pass up on those snowflakes.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

No longer a skeptic. I received $1,000 worth of Visa gift cards yesterday.

I am a skeptic. I will always be a skeptic. I'm willing to try certain things, but only if I've researched it fairly well.

Have you ever seen those online ads that offer $500 or $1000 gift cards and thought they were a scam? Me too. I came across a website called Money Saving Methods (you can find the link on the side). The girl who runs this site is a former accountant and now stay at home mom. Her methods for saving money are brilliant. She's researched these companies, tried them and made $15,000.00 in profit. Hmmm...That's a nice chunk of change.

Now, in order to do this you will need to spend some time and some money completing offers. I spent about 6 hours setting things up and getting things organized; then a little time each week checking up on things. I did spend $178 on offers (About $130 worth of DVDs , books, beauty products, jewelry and services are included in that figure). BUT, in the end I made a profit of $822! Anyone will tell you, thats a great ROI! Plus, you just might find some offers that you really love. I kept my Blockbuster membership because they had a great plan that was equal to the amount we were already spending every month on rentals. Besides, don't you love just sticking your movie in the mailbox instead of running it to the store before you get more late fees!?

You can click HERE to go directly to Online Offers page for Money Saving Methods. She gives instructions on how to do it, she also will answer questions and offer encouragement. If you're interested, read all of the information she has and then go for it! It took me about 2 months from start to finish to receive my cards.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Now that I'm back from living the life of the Rich and Famous (where was that?). Just kidding, I've been gone because of blatant procrastination and holiday hangovers (by "holiday hangover" I mean too much pecan pie and egg nog). I've been trying out this new search engine called SWAGBUCKS.
What is swag you say? Well the Swagbucks site is simply a search engine like Google or Yahoo. What happens when you use their search engine is that they award you something called a "Swagbuck". They are awarded randomly when you search, and when you've saved enough of them you can redeem them in the Swag Store. Yikes! All this Swag talk is making me dizzy. Anyways, I am always skeptical, so I signed up this January (there is no cost and I use a junk email address and to date I've only received 3 emails) and already I have earned a $5.00 GC to and I'm halfway to another $5 GC for this month. Hmmm, thats $10 extra a month for aimlessly searching the internet which I already do. Here's another sweet part, you can refer others and win points every time they do (up to 100 of their points). So, if you're going to sign up please use my referral code: (you need to cut and then paste into the browser) Then refer your friends (Remember, it's FREE). Please email me with any questions or prizes that you have won and I'll post it.