Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sharebuilder $50 bonus

As I've said in previous posts, I like to try programs or deals out before I post them. This post about Sharebuilder just made me $100 for only about 30 mins. of my time. This past Monday, $100 was deposited into my checking, simply for purchasing $10 worth of stock!

Here's a little about how the program works. Sharebuilder is a company that you can purchase stocks through. For new customers, they are offering a $50 bonus for purchasing as little as a $5 worth of stock -- And- - you can open up an account for everyone in your family! I spent about 30 minutes setting up accounts, purchasing stock and then, about a month later, I received $50 ($100 total for both accounts) in my Sharebuilder account. Then, it only took one day to transfer that cash into my regular checking account. Plus, it is definitely a WIN-WIN situation because the $5 you invested remains invested in stock.

Tips and Links

You can sign up for everyone at once, but to make things easier, I just did one for me and one for my husband. You will need to enter in a VALID promotion code when you first sign up the account. I saw recently that this code ORANGE50CASH is valid until March 15, 2009. Make sure that when you sign up and you put the code in that it is valid. If not, you just need to wait until another one comes out to open an account. Also, you will receive a confirmation code if it was accepted as well.

Here is a LINK that I found that has step by step instructions that I followed, just be sure to use the code ORANGE50CASH and not the one they give as theirs is expired.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AWESOME-insane-CRAZY-Albertson's Deal

Okay, here's the scoop on the Albertson's deal this week. The promotion involves purchasing 10 General Mills items (see your flyer or go online), when you do this, you'll get a $10 coupon for your next visit. Here's an example:

The Betty Crocker frostings are 4 for $5, you should have a $.50 off coupon for them. Your total for purchasing 10 items would end up being $7.50, so you're making a PROFIT of $2.50! Plus, you can also take that $10 coupon and do it all over again and another coupon for $10 will print out, repeat, repeat. Basically, you are getting a perpetual $10 bill (but in a coupon form). WOW!

Here are a few tips:

You'll need to go over the paper yourself and find out what coupons you have and what things you may need. You'll get the best deal with the least expensive items, but you most likely wont need a gazillion frostings-so choose according to your needs.

I like to use the long self-serve line and before that I seperate my 10 items into groups in my cart along with the corresponding coupons. I put my first group up to pay, purchase and then grab the $10 for the next group of 10.

One extra deal going on. If you purchase 5 boxes of granola bars you'll also get a $3.50 coupon (if you purchase at least two you'll still get a coupon, it will just be less). If you purchase 5 fruit snacks (I believe this applies to Gushers and Roll-ups) you'll get the same deal. Here's the scenario:

5 boxes of granola bars-$10 (used the $.50 off coupon)
5 boxes of fruit snacks-$10 (used the $.50 off coupon)

-You will end up getting a $10, $3.50 & $3.50 coupons -Voila! You o
nly paid $3 for all those items-PLUS-you can take those coupons and do it all over again, and again!
It took me a little bit to figure it all out, so if you have any questions, please email me at

Here's what I got today by rolling those coupons. Total out of pocket $7.00 and some change.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Double coupons at Albertson's

A quick update for Albertson's. They are running their double coupon promotion thru next Tuesday. You should have gotten a flyer yesterday with four double coupons on the front page. You can also go in the store to the customer service department and get another flyer if you missed yours.

Basically, you can take any coupon up to a dollar and they will double it for you. There are some really great deals going on, some items are free or cost very little. Here are some examples of things that I found yesterday (for a complete list check out the Savvy Shopper link on the side):

$.50 for Jolly Time popcorn (doubled $.50 coupon)
$0 for Activia or DanActive yougurt (doubled $1.00 coupon)
$.50 for Loreal kid's shampoo (doubled $.75 coupon)
$.25 for Knorr sides (doubled $.50 when you buy 2 coupon)
$.30 for Shrek kid's toothpaste (doubled $.75 coupon)
$.50 box of Simple Harvest granola bars (doubled $1 coupon PLUS you get a free shopping bag when you buy three boxes)
$.50 ea Dannon drinkable yogurt (doubled $1 off of four coupon PLUS you get a free 4 pack La Creme yogurt with this purchase).
$.35 box for Pizza bites (doubled $.35 coupon)
Lots of salad dressings under a $1 if you double.

Plus, don't forget the FREE MILK DEAL with cereal purchase. The cereals are 3/$7, but you get a $4.50 credit off your bill. So really you can purchase 2 gallons of milk or just let the extra $2 come off the cereals. Please email me at with any questions.