Friday, December 19, 2008

Giveaway winner & Friday Freebies

Drum roll please (Isn't it nice to have a good looking young man to help w/your blogging?)....
The Smiths won the lovely Chicks With Sticks book! Congratulations! Please email me at and I'll get your book out to you a.s.a.p.

Now there are some lovely consolation prizes for all of you.

Picaboo is doing a *FREE customized book giveaway (you can get your linkage HERE). Now when I say *FREE it actually means that you will pay $7.99 for shiping. But, have you seen these customized books (remember the Snapfish promo)? They're awesome and worth $7.99 for a nicely bound book of memories. Remember to choose a medium book and a soft cover, otherwise you won't get the actual book for free. I've done one of these already from Snapfish and it was well worth it. (Correction, I thought it was a hard cover, but it is a soft one if you want the free book).

Don't forget your FREE Entertainment coupon book, I just got my rebate from it (only took about 4 days!). You can get the info on the previous post.

And, looking for something to do this weekend here in the Valley of Utah? I found this great site: Provo 1K (Provo-1,000 things to do). This weekend's highlight is sledding at Cherry Hill Park in Orem.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cereal deals & Giveaway reminder

*Great cereal deals at Albertson's. Select Kellogg's cereals are $1.67 ea. If you use the $1 off coupon that came in last week's paper, you only pay $1.67/box. Plus, on some of the boxes you'll find $1 off marshmallows coupons. The least expensive marshmallows are $1.19, so you'll pay only $.19! If you save the marshmallow coupons for Macey's you'll actually make a profit with your coupon because they're on sale for $.88. Plus...on the backs of some cereals are more offers/tokens. We've been saving ours up and are sending away for our Kung Fu Panda blanket.

*More cereal deals on Kellogg's at Maceys. On most of the Kellogg's boxes are buy one get one free coupons. The least expensive cereals are $3, so it comes down to $1.50/box. Also, I noticed on some of the boxes there are rebates on the front for 1 more free cereal (check the exp. dates), I'm not sure if you can also use those with the BOGO. But it's worth a try. Plus...check out the free offers on the back. You can get, blankets, DVDs, t-shirts-and they even pay for shipping.

*Lastly, don't forget to enter for the Chicks With Sticks book. You can enter until midnight tonight. You can comment here or on the post below.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yardsalemonkey newsflash --AND- a giveaway!!!

First of all, my very first giveaway 'o giveaway:

A really cute beginner's book about knitting called "The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting". Wanna start knitting or pick up some great patterns? Oh heck, it's free why not! Yipee! So here's what you need to do in order to put your name in the pot. Leave a comment (you can comment up until midnight, Thursday the 18th). On Friday I'll announce the winner (on Freebie Friday of course!). Once I've left you a comment on your blog that you've won, please post on your blog that you've won and add a link to Yardsalemonkey if you please. Then I'll send or drop off your fabulous, fabulous prize.

Next, lots of great deals going around:

*Target is having a really great frozen turkey sale-only .$78 a lb.

**If you're a local and shop at Macey's I noticed an offer in the plastic wrap/plate isle. Proctor and Gamble is offering FREE-get that?-FREE Genuine Crocs when you purchase $25 in P&G products. Now if you've got a babe in arms and some coupons, you can easily fill that quota with a couple of packs of diapers and some wipes. No bambinos? There are tons of products under the P&G label that qualify. You do need to purchase the items at a participating store meaning that it needs to be a store where you found the coupon offer (they are usually sticking out on a flyer by the products, in this case it was a 3x5 card that you could tear off). Not a fan of crocs? Well, I came across them on eBay and they're selling for about $20-25, making your purchase pretty much FREE in the first place.

***Ever heard of a site called Cashbaq? It's a site much like Mr Rebates, eBates, etc. You use their site to shop at your favorite stores and they give you money back on your purchases. Well, if you sign up now they'll automatically credit your account for $5. Check back on the site and they offer some pretty great deals. One recent deal (I think it's still going on), is $10 back when you purchase an Entertainment coupon book. Well, the book is only $10, so you'll get it for free. Now, like any rebates, it's a pay now-get your rebate later kind of thing. So check your Cashbaq account (make sure you go into your account info. to choose how you would like payment) and after a while your rebate will show. Another amazing deal they have going on (check to see if the promotion is still going) is for a site called They sell gift certificates to use at the restaurants in $10 or $25 increments. The great deal here is that you get the certificates for anywhere from $3-$5 dollars. Today they had a special-only $2 for a $25 dollar certificate, PLUS, Cashbaq is rebating $.60 on each one making it $1.40. Now, most restaurants have restrictions that you can only use 1 certificate per visit and you must spend a minimum of $35, but I figure $11.40 is a good deal for a $35 dinner. Sometimes the certificate selections are bought out, so be willing to wait or go a little further (think SLC). But you need a break from the little angels/monsters anyways-right? Here's some linkage to the site: CASHBAQ.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Freebies

Oh well better late than never right? Here's the scoop for something FREE to do this weekend

*Take a walk down Provo Center Street and take a look at the candy windows:
Link up HERE if you'd like more info. before you head on down.

Secondly, how would you like a great DVD for absolutely free? Walden Media is currently offering a free calendar and a free copy of the DVD Amazing Grace (sells for $10 at Amazon) to anyone who signs up to their e-mail list. When you fill out your information there will be boxes to check if you want your free gifts. Then they will send you an e-mail to verify it.
It's the story of William Wilberforce and his perseverance to pass a law ending the slave trade in the late 18th century. I have not seen it yet, but it looks really good. One review I read compared "Amazing Grace" to Shadowlands which is one of my favorites. You can link up HERE for more information on the offer. Thanks to our lovely Mrs. 101 for the heads up on this one.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yardsalemonkey quick deals

Here are some highlights from Albertson's this week:

*Steamers frozen veggies-only $.25 a bag with coupon.

*General Mills Cereals are only $1.00 with $1.00 off of two coupons (all in newspaper flyers last week).

*Also, if you happened to purchase the Prince Caspian DVD (see reference post below) when it was on sale I saw a coupon on Minute Maid juices that offered a rebate of $5 if you purchased Prince Caspian, Wall-E and another one that I forgot. You do need to purchase 2 packs of the MM juices, but it's like getting free juices on top of that deal. Sweet.

Lastly, I noticed that on tubs of the Hillshire Farm Cracked Black Pepper Turkey Breast there was a little coupon to try the meat for free via rebate. I tried it and it's pretty good. If you're not a pepper fan then you may want to pass it up. The offer is one per household & I can always use more lunchmeat.

Stay tuned for Friday Freebies tommorow! (Free goodies and free stuff to do with the family).

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BOGO is made of awesome!

Here are some more tips for all you couponers out there. First is the BOGO (buy one get one free). I mentioned this a little before, but it has actually made my COUPON TOP TEN LIST of couponing tips (see list on the right side)

1st tip. When you see a sale that offers a BOGO and you have coupons for those items, jump on it! You can use coupons for both the "buy one" and the "get one" free. I've already done this at Albertsons and Rite Aid. I'm assuming it works everywhere. You're actually getting paid on the free item, thus making the paid item even cheaper. Check the item prices and the coupon values and do the math, most likely you'll get the item for very little out of pocket.

2nd tip. Even if you use 1 set of coupons from the Sunday papers you will save money, and that's a really good thing. But, if you really want your couponing to take off and start actually making money back and be able to stock-pile lots of product (this is how I currently am able to purchase lots of food storage items), you need to have more than one paper. Currently, the DAILY HERALD offers a Sunday Deal where you can have 5 papers delivered on Sunday. You can click HERE for more info. (I didn't see the 5 paper deal, you might just need to call the # listed). Also, if you don't want delivered papers, you can go down to the Daily Herald office on Freedom Blvd (across from Work Force Services) on Mondays and buy old Sunday papers.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Great NEW site and a giveaway!

Okay, not only do I love a good deal, but I love a sweet giveaway as well! I just won an awesome prize from this site,

Check it out, they're having a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway and the site has lots of "Sweet"products. Now don't be shy :), click HERE to go directly to the site.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Prince Caspian and Albertson's

There's a great deal going on at Albertson's right now. If you're already planning on purchasing Prince Caspian on DVD, if you decide to purchase it at Albertson's they'll throw in two boxes of selected cereals (we chose Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats-yum!). PLUS, if you have any of those coupons from a couple of weeks back from Kellogg's ($1 off a box of select Kellogg's brand), you can use those on your free cereals, making the DVD only $18. PLUS on the front theres a coupon for $5 worth of holiday decor at Albertson's (wrapping paper, cards, etc). So, that's $18 for the DVD, 2 boxes of cereal and $5 of free holiday decor. So, if you're already planning on purchasing it, this is the best deal around.

Also, Kmart is having a double coupon event. Now, I went a little late and there were still lots of good deals. I purchased 1lb bags of cookie dough for $.20 each, turkey bags for $.29/box. etc, etc. They'll double your coupons for up to $2.00. So dig out your $1.00 coupons and go to town. Now, they're probably wiped out by now, so why am I telling you this? They will usually stock up again before the end of the week so you're likely to get some good deals on Saturday.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

$30 Rite Aid Gift Card with a transferred prescription

I looooove these type of promotions! If you happen to have a prescription that needs a refill, take advantage of this offer. Even if you don't get the paper, you can walk right in the store and grab a coupon out of their flyer. I refilled a vitamin prescription today for about $4 and got a $30 Rite Aid Gift Card. Here's some things to think about when doing these types of offers:

1. Usually, you can only redeem one coupon per household, every six months. But, lots of pharmacies run these promotions. Keep your eyes open for coupons in your flyers.

2. Transferring a prescription usually takes more time than a refill or new prescription so be prepared to wait a bit longer.

3. Keep your eyes open for other deals in the store while you're waiting for your prescription. For example, I was going to purchase one brand of diapers but I saw that another had a rebate. I purchased the ones with the rebate, entered my rebate online and in about 3 weeks I'll get $5 back. Also, I noticed a promotion going on in the store where if you purchased a certain amount in the store for part of November and December you would get another Rite Aid gift card. I applied for that online too although I'm not sure if I'll get that one because the purchase was made with a gift card. If I do get it though, it will be another $5 back to me.

Please email me with any questions at Here's the LINK to Rite Aid's website for more information.

Monday, November 24, 2008

stoufffers-we love you!

Did you all know that there's a Stouffer's outlet in Springville? They're the makers of all things Nestle and Stouffer's (think yummy lasagne). They even make Hot Pockets. They sell their scratch and dented stuff there and the prices are usually half off. The selection varies, so you need to check the store fairly often. I've been there and found the huge lasagne trays for only $5 and the mac and cheese for only $3. I googled the address and can't seem to find it, but I can tell you the directions. The exit you'll need to get off on is the first Springville exit (or the Flying "J" exit). At the light take a right (so these are directions from Provo because most of my peeps are there, anyone else can just look for the ginormous Flying "J") and go down a kind of long empty road. On your right hand side you'll see the tiny outlet (you can even see it from the freeway if you're paying attention). They're not open on Sundays or Mondays. Saturdays are debatable. I know that they are at least open at 9:00 am and they close at around 4:00. I hope this information will be helpful. Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to Yardsalemonkey!

I so love a good sale (and who doesn't). I started to post deals on my Food Storage Site, Food Storage Diva, but I realized that I have so many ideas and find so many good deals that I needed a site devoted entirely to a good deal. Feel free to look around and enjoy my very first post :)

Here's the first deal of the day. Even though I'm a novice "Coupon Diva", I came away will all this food for a mere, $58. I spent about an hour looking over details of the ads & gathering my coupons together and voila:

6 boxes of cereal
10 cake mixes
20 canned corn & beans
7 frozen packages of veggies
2 gallons of milk
6 boxes of turkey bags
6 microwaved popped corn
2 boxes of taco shells
7 cool whips
14 instant jello
6 tubes of crescent rolls
1 lb butter
2 free Tinkerbell bowls (for my girly of course)
and.....15lbs of turkey

If you break it down even further, for the amount of items I received, it was as if I paid $.60 cents for each item on my grocery list. "Couponing" is pretty straightforward, but there are some tips that will help you. Here's a few to start you out with:

1. Check with your local paper to see if they have a coupon deal. What they'll do is set you up to receive something like five Sunday papers, which means 5x's the coupons. The subscription is usually about $15. But if you're like me and used almost $30 in coupons on your last visit, it pays for itself pretty quickly.

2. Do the shopping before the kids wake up or after they go to bed. Makes for a much happier Mom and kids.

3. I see a lot of deals where you can buy two items and then get something free. Albertson's does this a lot and today they offered FREE MILK for every 4 boxes of Kellogg's cereal you buy. This is a super deal, especially if you have a coupon for each box. And, here's the best part, in the paper, it will usually state that you get FREE MILK and then in parenthesis it will say "up to $4.50 in value". I used to just grab whatever milk I saw first, no matter what the cost was. But, did you realize that you can use all of that money? For instance, milk was on sale for 2 for $4.00, so I actually got 2 gallons of milk and $.50 applied to the rest of the bill? Awesomeness.