Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sharebuilder $50 bonus

As I've said in previous posts, I like to try programs or deals out before I post them. This post about Sharebuilder just made me $100 for only about 30 mins. of my time. This past Monday, $100 was deposited into my checking, simply for purchasing $10 worth of stock!

Here's a little about how the program works. Sharebuilder is a company that you can purchase stocks through. For new customers, they are offering a $50 bonus for purchasing as little as a $5 worth of stock -- And- - you can open up an account for everyone in your family! I spent about 30 minutes setting up accounts, purchasing stock and then, about a month later, I received $50 ($100 total for both accounts) in my Sharebuilder account. Then, it only took one day to transfer that cash into my regular checking account. Plus, it is definitely a WIN-WIN situation because the $5 you invested remains invested in stock.

Tips and Links

You can sign up for everyone at once, but to make things easier, I just did one for me and one for my husband. You will need to enter in a VALID promotion code when you first sign up the account. I saw recently that this code ORANGE50CASH is valid until March 15, 2009. Make sure that when you sign up and you put the code in that it is valid. If not, you just need to wait until another one comes out to open an account. Also, you will receive a confirmation code if it was accepted as well.

Here is a LINK that I found that has step by step instructions that I followed, just be sure to use the code ORANGE50CASH and not the one they give as theirs is expired.

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