Thursday, February 5, 2009

Double coupons at Albertson's

A quick update for Albertson's. They are running their double coupon promotion thru next Tuesday. You should have gotten a flyer yesterday with four double coupons on the front page. You can also go in the store to the customer service department and get another flyer if you missed yours.

Basically, you can take any coupon up to a dollar and they will double it for you. There are some really great deals going on, some items are free or cost very little. Here are some examples of things that I found yesterday (for a complete list check out the Savvy Shopper link on the side):

$.50 for Jolly Time popcorn (doubled $.50 coupon)
$0 for Activia or DanActive yougurt (doubled $1.00 coupon)
$.50 for Loreal kid's shampoo (doubled $.75 coupon)
$.25 for Knorr sides (doubled $.50 when you buy 2 coupon)
$.30 for Shrek kid's toothpaste (doubled $.75 coupon)
$.50 box of Simple Harvest granola bars (doubled $1 coupon PLUS you get a free shopping bag when you buy three boxes)
$.50 ea Dannon drinkable yogurt (doubled $1 off of four coupon PLUS you get a free 4 pack La Creme yogurt with this purchase).
$.35 box for Pizza bites (doubled $.35 coupon)
Lots of salad dressings under a $1 if you double.

Plus, don't forget the FREE MILK DEAL with cereal purchase. The cereals are 3/$7, but you get a $4.50 credit off your bill. So really you can purchase 2 gallons of milk or just let the extra $2 come off the cereals. Please email me at with any questions.

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