Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I wanted to talk about "Snowflaking" in terms of making and saving money today. We all know that the first little sprinkles of snowflakes are light and somewhat unnoticeable. We've also seen how they can accumulate pretty quickly into inches or feet of snow and together, they can create an avalanche. I want to talk about how saving and making money can also have this affect. Many times we may overlook or not take advantage of certain programs or savings because they do not amount to much. But I believe that every little bit counts. Here are some examples:

*Take a look at your receipts. Many times there are surveys or offers on the back or the bottom. I received two coupons for $10 off at Bath and Body works, 3 free loaves of french bread from Albertsons and 1 large hamburger from Wendys in just the past couple of months.

*Check out programs like Mr. Rebates, eBates, Cashbaq and Upromise. They give you money back when you shop. It's not a ton of money, but $5 or $10 here and there can sure make a nice meal or at least put a little in your gas tank.

*Consider doing surveys. Although you usually only make $1 or $2 a survey, most people can make about $200/year for their efforts. Check out this great site for more info: Money Saving Methods.

*Swagbucks. This is another one that I was skeptical about, but I've already made $10 this month in gift cards and I'm halfway to another one in about a week. (For more info, see post below ). Plus if you refer others using your link you get points faster( Thanks, N Smith!). Here's a CD that I just got off of using my free gift cards; it's an album done by my super cool cousin Kai Kalama who's currently on American Idol.

Lastly, choose wisely because your time is precious. Somethings may not work for out for you or may just be a hassle, if so pass up on those snowflakes.

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