Thursday, January 22, 2009

No longer a skeptic. I received $1,000 worth of Visa gift cards yesterday.

I am a skeptic. I will always be a skeptic. I'm willing to try certain things, but only if I've researched it fairly well.

Have you ever seen those online ads that offer $500 or $1000 gift cards and thought they were a scam? Me too. I came across a website called Money Saving Methods (you can find the link on the side). The girl who runs this site is a former accountant and now stay at home mom. Her methods for saving money are brilliant. She's researched these companies, tried them and made $15,000.00 in profit. Hmmm...That's a nice chunk of change.

Now, in order to do this you will need to spend some time and some money completing offers. I spent about 6 hours setting things up and getting things organized; then a little time each week checking up on things. I did spend $178 on offers (About $130 worth of DVDs , books, beauty products, jewelry and services are included in that figure). BUT, in the end I made a profit of $822! Anyone will tell you, thats a great ROI! Plus, you just might find some offers that you really love. I kept my Blockbuster membership because they had a great plan that was equal to the amount we were already spending every month on rentals. Besides, don't you love just sticking your movie in the mailbox instead of running it to the store before you get more late fees!?

You can click HERE to go directly to Online Offers page for Money Saving Methods. She gives instructions on how to do it, she also will answer questions and offer encouragement. If you're interested, read all of the information she has and then go for it! It took me about 2 months from start to finish to receive my cards.


Gray, Kamaile & Wehilani Ronk said...

You always seem to amaze me, love you sis.

Ben & Lori said...

I'm totally looking into this!